Cardholder Rules & Responsibilities

HOW TO GET A TUFTS ID CARD: Tufts official photo ID cards are issued by the University Police. Most students are given ID cards during First-Year Orientation and Matriculation. Transfer students, graduate students, and all others not present during First-Year Orientation should go to the station on their respective campus to be issued a University ID. New Staff and faculty who have been assigned an employee ID number should go to the University Police station on their respective campus during business hours to obtain a University ID.

CARRY YOUR ID CARD: Always carry your Tufts ID. It is required for admission to many university functions, the athletics complex, residence halls, dining centers, and sports events, and to borrow library books, etc. JumboCash and Meal Plans also are accessed through your Tufts ID.

PROTECT YOUR ID CARD: You are responsible for maintaining a valid Tufts ID that is in proper working condition. Do not punch a hole in your ID or hang it from a lanyard or key ring. Altering or misusing a university ID card is a serious offense.

LOST OR STOLEN ID CARDS must be reported immediately by contacting the University Police on your respective campus. Or, you can log into your account at and use the link to report your card as lost or stolen. To contact the Tufts University Police by phone: on the Boston Campus, call 617-636-6610; on the Grafton Campus, call 508-839-5053; and on the Medford Campus, call 617-627-3030. Reporting lost or stolen cards immediately will block unauthorized JumboCash spending and use of the lost or stolen card. If you don't have your card, someone else might. There may be a replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.

OPENING A JUMBOCASH ACCOUNT: Anyone with a valid Tufts ID can have a JumboCash Account. To access your JumboCash Account and make online deposits, register online at and then make your deposit. If you cannot access your JumboCash Account or make a deposit, please call (617) 627-3566 or email

ACCOUNT DEPOSITS, WITHDRAWALS & BALANCES: Deposits to JumboCash are usually instantaneous, but occasionally may be delayed due to network traffic. Undergraduate students NOT on Meal Plans must make an initial deposit of at least $100. There is a $25 minimum for deposits made by authorizing charges to your Student Account and for deposits made in person at the Medford/Somerville Campus Bookstore, or at the Tufts Dining Office at 89 Curtis Street in Medford. Some Add Value Stations have a $5 minimum deposit. Once deposited, funds in your JumboCash Account may only be used for purchases; cash withdrawals are not permitted. Your JumboCash Account balance carries forward as long as you have a valid Tufts ID. If a JumboCash account is overdrawn, the negative balance must be made up within [10] days of receipt of notice from Tufts.

AUTHORIZED & UNAUTHORIZED USE: Only you are authorized to use your Tufts ID card and to make purchases using funds from your JumboCash Account. Any unauthorized use of an ID constitutes fraud. You must present your ID card at the time of purchase, and your ID is the only means of accessing your JumboCash Account for purchases. Cardholders are required to show their Tufts ID and sign a receipt for goods received via the Merchant Off-Campus Partners (MOPs) program and may be required to sign for other JumboCash purchases.

TRANSFERABILITY: JumboCash is not transferable.

LIABILITY: Tufts University is not responsible for any loss due to lost cards, stolen cards, or the unauthorized use of cards; provided, however, that once a card is reported lost or stolen (see "Lost or Stolen ID Cards", above), the holder's liability will end within 2 business days after such report has been received by JumboCash.

NO INTEREST OR OTHER EARNINGS will be paid to the JumboCash Account holder on JumboCash balances.

ACCOUNT CLOSURE & REFUNDS: When you leave Tufts University (upon graduation, permanent withdrawal, or employment separation), you may close your JumboCash Account. If your Account has a balance of $10 or more at the time of closure, you may request a refund. Refunds for faculty, staff, graduate students on the Boston and Grafton campuses, and all summer session students are paid by check and take 2-3 weeks. During the academic year, refunds for undergraduate and graduate students on the Medford/Somerville campus are credited to their Student Account, and if students request a check from Student Services for that credit, the check will be issued within 2 weeks. Refunds are not issued for JumboCash Guest Cards.

CLOSURE OF INACTIVE ACCOUNTS: Tufts reserves the right to close any JumboCash account, and refund any balance of $10 or more, (1) if the account remains inactive for a period of 18 months, or (2) if the holder of the account is no longer are affiliated with Tufts University.

RULES & RESPONSIBILITIES: By registering for online access to your JumboCash Account, making deposits to your Account, and/or using your Account, you will be agreeing to the above Rules & Responsibilities of the Tufts ID and JumboCash Account, including the Terms & Conditions.