Locations Accepting JumboCash

Boston Health Sciences Campus:
   Food 4 Thought Café, 145 Harrison Avenue
   Copy & Printing, Hirsh Health Sciences Library, 145 Harrison Avenue

Grafton Cummings Veterinary School:
   Elms Café
   Copy & Printing, Webster Veterinary Library

Medford/Somerville Campus
   On-campus Dining Locations:
      Carmichael Dining Center
      Commons Marketplace in the Campus Center
      Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center
      Hotung Café in the Campus Center
      Hodgdon Food-on-the-Run
      Kindlevan Café
      Mugar Café Graduate student dining
      Pax et Lox Glatt Kosher Deli under the bookstore off Talbot Ave
      The Sink in the Campus Center
      Tower Café in Tisch Library

   Other On-Campus Service locations:
      Aidekman Arts Center Box Office
      Campus Center Info Booth
      Copy & Printing at the Ginn Library, Tisch Library, Eaton Computer Lab, EPDC, Mugar Computer Lab
      Laundry Machines
      Vending Machines
      Public Safety Administrative Services

   Off-Campus Service Locations:
      Alexander's Food Store, 781-391-8181 Temporarily down
      Blue Fuji, 781-388-1888 Temporarily down
      Campus Mini Mart, 781-396-0005
      Chipotle Davis Square , 617-623-1759 Temporarily down
      CVS - Davis Square, 617-629-4156
      Elm St. Taproom, 617-764-4965
      Espresso Pizza, 781-396-0062
      Five Horses Tavern, 617-764-1655
      Oasis Brazilian Restaurant, 781-396-8337
      Oasis Café and Bakery, 781-306-9610 Temporarily down
      Oath Craft Pizza, 617-996-6395 Temporarily down
      Picante Taqueria, 781-219-4267
      Pizza Days, 781-396-7992
      Tasty Cafe, 781-219-3269
      Tufts Convenience Store, 781-391-7111
      Venus Pizza & Grill, 617-718-9900

SMFA (Fenway Campus):
   SMFA Café
   Copy & Printing

Locations subject to change